Ceiling Fan and Light Idea

I currently have a ceiling fan and light in two different bedrooms. They both are controlled by a single switch. The switch sends power to both the fan and light, and the fan is adjusted via the pull string. Now my wife wants me to add a universal remote. Because of this, I was going to use a switch lock to keep the power going to the fan so that the remote works all the time. With that, would I be able to add some smart bulbs or will the the remote kill the power to the lights?

Ceiling fan remotes typically have two separate power feeds - one for the fan and another for the lights. If you want to use smart lightbulb, make sure your remote is on/off only, i.e. does not have dimming capability. Also, keep in mind that smart lightbulbs are programmed to turn on after the power has been disconnected. So if you had a power outage at night and the power is restored, say at 2 am in the morning, your smart lightbulbs will turn on at full brightness.

Thanks. Are you suggesting the remote is on/off only because it will not work with smart bulbs or because I would be dimming the bulbs twice once from the remote and again from ST. I guess I’m wondering if I turn off the lights with the remote, can I turn them back on via ST.

no - the remote would turn off the power to the bulb.

So no different than turning it off via the switch. I think in order to keep the wife happy, I’ll just add the remote and keep it out of ST for now. Eventually I’ll have to think about running a new line and switch to separate the fan and light power.

I’ve been thinking about this and it looks like for now I’m going to just install the universal remote to make my wife happy as this will give me some time to come up with a plan. Since I only have the one light switch that controls the light/fan, I will have to decide which one is more important to include into ST and for our purpose I think the light wins. We use the fan pull string so the behavior will be the same.

What I’m thinking is either: 1) Switch Guard, Minimote, and Smart Bulbs (Cree) or 2) OSRAM Lighty Dimming Switch and Smart Bulbs (Cree)

Both options will let me control the lights multiple ways and I will be able to dim them all will maintain constant power to the fan which will still be controlled by the pull strings. The universal remote that will be install first will be put away and if we ever move, it will be for the next person, minus the bulbs.