CC2530 integration to Aeotec Smart Home Hub?

Dear Everybody, I am also new to the group and home automation as well. I want to send the signal of a motion sensor HC-SR501) to the newly purchased Aeotec Smart Home Hub. I thought of a module with a CC2530 chip as a solution. Does anyone here have experience that this chip can communicate with my Smart hub? Or maybe someone has another idea with which other device I could use the Zigbee protocol to display the motion sensor signal on the Aeotec Smart Home Hub
Thank you in advance for the answers

It’s not impossible, but it’s not easy either. The CC2530 is not very well documented, and if you get a cheap one off of AliExpress, it’s typically a clone or counterfeit, and they have different pin configurations than one purchased directly from TI. And typically with no documentation. You can even buy two or three in the same order and get ones with different firmware. So it can be a real headache just to set it up with an arduino.

Can I ask why you’re not just buying an off the shelf PIR sensor to use with SmartThings? There are lots of these available. Is it just a matter of cost, or do you enjoy building your own devices?

In any case, If you do want to build it yourself, aim for creating a vanilla Zigbee 3.0 device and you should be able to make it work with SmartThings, although you will have to also write your own edge driver for the SmartThings side.

Thanks for your answer.
First I really used a cheap pir sensor (Sonoff SNZB-03), which has a rather long sleeptime (more 1 minute), which is why I can’t use it. Can you recommend maybe a product from another manufacturer for reasonable price? I searched for a long time but unfortunately I couldn’t find it.
Or staying with the HC-SR501, I was still thinking about a solution with wifi, I was thinking about the Wemos d1mini module. Could this be a similar crappy Chinese product? Would this be easier to integrate into the Aeotec Smart Home Hub?

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What would you consider a “reasonable price“? :thinking:

As far as Wi-Fi alternatives, I think historically in the community people have mostly used Sonoff or ESP options.

See the following edge driver, for example, which covers pretty much anything that can be flashed with Tasmota firmware:

[ST Edge] •• Tasmota Edge •• for Sonoff, Tuya & many other ESP WiFi & HTTP devices - over 2000 Tasmota supported devices

The following Tuya motion detector is cheap on AliExpress, resets in 30 sec., uses cheap AAA batteries, and there is an Edge driver that works with it.


The Aqara Motion Sensor P1 works well, has a programmable timeout, and is not too expensive. It uses Zigbee 3.0, so it shouldn’t have the connectivity problems that the original Motion Sensor experienced.

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