Casement windows with screen--how to install contact sensor?

I have Casement windows with Casement Insect Screen I dont how I can install windows sensor like smartthing multisensor.

I need know the humility too, but I have vent under the windows is it ok?

The multi sensor is probably going to be too bulky for casement windows. I would look instead at the sensative strips. Although they are more expensive, they have a 10 year battery so you do get some of that money back on the battery cost.

There are only 3 mm thick and fit inside the window frame. They’re available on both the US and UK Z wave frequencies. They are weatherproof and can be painted.

However, those only report open/close. They don’t have a temperature or humidity sensor.

But then as you mentioned there is a vent below the windows and that would definitely throw off your humidity readings anyway. So you probably need to get a different device for a different placement for humidity.

Thank you very much.

This device are very expensive, I will think about…

Hi @emersonvier,

Do you live in the US? Also, I’d be curious to see a picture of your casement window with the screen installed, or who the manufacturer is so I can track down pictures.

If you do live in the US then the Iris sensor may be able to be used depending how much room you have between the screen and the closed window. As long as there’s enough room for the thickness of the sensor body, you can get creative with magnet placement, including removing the plastic housing for the magnet. It doesn’t have humidity, and I don’t know of any open/close that do have humidity.

Hi @johnconstantelo,

I live in the US, I will take pictures of my windows this week.

I have only 2, Yes I need think about other ways to installs this.

For now I will use only to check temperature and humility.

Excellent, then you can easily get these.

I’ve had to mount these in some odd places, including removing the magnets from the cases so I can fit everything in. Here are the dimensions of the sensor:

The 20mm width is also how deep it is, which is also useful to know.

HI @johnconstantelo,

Please see pictures

I hope this will work.

Maybe too late but have you considered using an ecolink? They allow optional external switches. Pretty much any magnetic sensor for security will work, that way you can mount it external and run the two wires behind the screen. There are lots of sizes and shapes available.


The post right above yours shows the Monoprice sensor, which is pretty much the same as the Ecolink. The OP has an interesting situation with those windows and screens, and I think @JDRoberts’ original recommendation of using sensative strips would be best. Although they may be more expensive, it preserves the aesthetics of the window in my opinion.

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Just trying to be helpful, since the photo confused me. Wasn’t really sure what you were trying to say.


I had the same issue with my window. I finally came up with the idea of using the handle to lock- unlock the window. If you stick the magnet on the handle and the sensor on its side, the sensor appears to be closed. Then if you move the handle up to be able to open the windows, the sensor will be away from the magnet and then send an Open respond.

Works well with dome sensor and Iris Sensor.


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Can you share pictures?

Sorry about the delay. Here is the iris sensor I put sideways on the handle that goes up and down to lock/unlock. When the handle is up, the sensor sends an open signal.

Hope this helps.


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