Car Battery Voltage (Covid) Monitor Alarm - Any Ideas?

I know I am going to get a few chuckles on this one.
This whole pandemic situation has cut down my driving to almost nothing. I went 5 months without driving at the beginning.
Twice I went to get into my car after it sitting for a few months outside and the first time my battery was dead as a doornail and I had to replace it. The 2nd time it was just dead and I had to use my portable battery jumper which is a lifesaver.
I am trying to figure out a way to monitor my car battery and alert me if the charge gets too low. My car is within zwave range without a question. I saw something like this but it does not alert but you can check remotely. ANCEL BM300
Then I was thinking that something like the Fibaro Smart Implant might be able to help. Smart Implant - to make your old device smart | FIBARO.
Can anyone think of a fairly simple way to accomplish this? I cant be the only one who has a dead battery during Covid.
Any ideas appreciated and welcome.

Not a safe project unless you get a tool specifically designed for that purpose. And I don’t know any of those which would integrate with smartthings.

Best practices in these pandemic times (we are doing this at my own house) is just have somebody run the engine for about 20 minutes every two or three weeks, of course with the garage door open if it’s in the garage, But better to move it into the driveway. With a modern car that should be enough to keep it charged.

You can get a device called a “battery minder“ or “battery tender“ which is used to keep a battery charge for a vehicle that’s in storage. They are commonly sold for motorcycles and other “power sports“ vehicles which aren’t used every day. But you have to get the specs right and There are some potential safety hazards, so unless you are actually storing a vehicle, I wouldn’t bother.

Here’s a good article with tips:

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@Brett_A_Greenberg do what @JDRoberts said. If your car is outside and in a safe place, you can find one that works outside. If not and if you can easily remove the battery from the car, bring it inside somewhere safe and use a tender. I do that for my boat battery and it works great to keep it in tip top condition.

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That’s what I use for my bike. Works great. Have had the same one for 10 years.