Car Alarm Integration

Unfortunately the neighborhood I have has started having a lot of car break ins. A lot of the time these break ins are happening because people forgot to lock their cars. I wanted to see if anyone has thoughts on how I can monitor if my car has been locked or not. It would be a bonus to be able to use Smart Things to actually control the locks. But a status of the car lock would be a great starting point!

Look at "Automatic"
Their dongle integrates with stringify directly.
You could have stringify turn on/off virtual switches as you want based on triggers. If you’re using built in car alarm, this might be promising

.1. a dedicated car alarm would work better, with passive arm. You might even set it to automatically lock.

.2. a new habit to train yourself to always lock, would always work. Eventually it is automatic.

.3. Smartthings may be able to notify you of motion inside the car . But it is not 100%.