Capability energyMeter (resetEnergy command)

Since the energy attribute is usually an accumulated quantity (e.g. kWh), surely the energyMeter capability should define a command to reset the figure to zero, i.e. resetEnergy().

This would align with the zwave.meterV3.meterReset() command for example.


resetMeter() would be fine, although it perhaps conflicts with other types of meter?

Yep, I too have previously written device handlers that include a reset() command. However, it’s not part of the capability definition for energyMeter right now. In fact, I’ve got a feeling it was at one point, and SmartThings have silently removed it from the definition… :worried:

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Perhaps you have misunderstood the purpose of this thread? It is to discuss the definition of the energyMeter capability, not any particular implementation of it.

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Yes I misunderstood, sorry.

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