Can't see my virtual switch on IFTTT

So I created a Vitual switch following the directions posted here:

My goal is to use this switch on IFTTT to turn on & off a group of my Hue lights (preferably the color red at 50% for tv watching).

I successfully created the virtual switch (yay noobie! ) and have tested it in IDE. My problem is that I now can’t find it listed in IFTTT. What am I missing guys?


Here’s one way:

  1. sign in to IFTTT.
  2. select CHANNELS at the top of the page
  3. find the SmartThings channel, probably in Home Automation and tap on it.
  4. tap on Edit Channel. This will open the ST log in page.
  5. log in to ST
  6. Authorize whatever devices you want IFTTT To have access to.
  7. you will return to IFTTT and can now use the devices you authorized.
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Aha! Got it! Thanks.

Another way is via the SmartThings mobile app:

  1. From the Dashboard, go to ***“SmartThings Internal”***.
  2. Select the "IFTTT" SmartApp

From there you can select the “things” in each category which you want exposed to IFTTT, just like you would select “things” for any other SmartApp.


Hi I hope you can help after reading the post above
I looked but cannot see the Smartthings Internal section on the app. When I go to the dash board it does not have ny items to select. Any ideas or posts I can read to get this working?

Hey Tony (guessing that’s your name),

In the time since I wrote that post SmartThings have released the new version of the mobile app, so things have moved around a little bit.

Assuming you’ve already set up the IFTTT integration, you should be able to find the IFTTT SmartApp by selecting the second icon from the left at the bottom of the screen (looks like four squares) and then selecting “SmartApps” near the top of the screen (third across in the list “Rooms”, “Things”, “SmartApps” & “Family”).

Tap on the IFTTT SmartApp and you will then be able to go through and select which “things” you want exposed to / available within IFTTT.

Hi Chuckles

Yes it is Tony.

Thank you so much for the feedback. The challenge I am having is adding the connection using the url. There is a dropdown list and it is empty for me.

I will keep trying.


When you say “adding the connection” what do you mean?

Do you mean you haven’t been able to set up the connection between IFTTT and SmartThings? If so, the easiest way to do this is from IFTTT itself - log in to IFTTT and then add the SmartThings channel to your account. It will then prompt you to sign in to SmartThings to authorise the connection between IFTTT and SmartThings. You’ll also be asked at that point to specify which devices (“things”) should be visible to IFTTT.

Once you’ve done this the IFTTT smartapp should be visible on your mobile device as I’ve described earlier, which is the easiest way to change the list of authorised devices/things in future.

Note: Trying to set up the SmartThings/IFTTT connection won’t work at the moment if you’re one of the new UK/European users on the new UK servers. SmartThings have a problem with OAuth on the UK servers which prevents the IFTTT integration (and LIFX and few others) from working at the moment. They’re working to fix this.

If you mean something else by “adding the connection”, describe what it is and I’ll try to help.

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Thank you so much for the very detailed reply.
I am a new ST user in the UK so I think this must be the issue.

I can see the form
"IFTTT ( will be able to…
View and receive information and events from any of your connected Things.
Trigger any of your connected Things to take actions on your behalf (like turning on a light).
and the “From list” has nothing in the dropdown.

This must be the oauth issue.

I will wait for a bit till it is fixed.

Yep - that would explain your current difficulties.

This thread is tracking the issue - you should see news there pretty quickly once it’s fixed: