Cant integrate GitHub in IDE

(Fredrick) #1


I just recieved my hub yesterday, and am trying to integrate some community developed apps/handlers.

When I log in to IDE, I’m integrated with Git and can create apps from my forks. However, there is no hub connected, even though I’m logged in with the same account that claimed the hub.

I searched for solutions, and learned that I had to go to My Location -> Home, and that fixed my missing hub. But doing so seems to have broken git-integration? I can no longer see the same apps I created, and github integration is no longer available. This image is from my IDE:

I’ve tried logging in/out, and I’ve tried multiple browsers and computers. Same result. I’m either getting github integration without hub, or hub without github integration.

Anyone experienced this? I’ve been searching without luck.


(Robin) #2

I’m going to assume, like me, that you’re on the EU servers?

Github is not available for EU users by default, but there is a simple hack to turn it on.

(Robin) #3

Click on the following link to activate GitHub on your EU account.

Note that GitHub integration is currently broken for everyone anyway, but @gausnes has found the issue and is pushing out a fix shortly… hopefully today.

(Robin) #4

(Fredrick) #5

Thanks, you were correct in assuming I had an EU-account. Its integrated now :slight_smile:

(Robin) #6

FYI, this is a good link for understanding the IDE shards:

As you are in the EU, your hub is on the EU shard:

If you enter the wrong shard, and as you have already discovered, clicking on your home location will push you into the correct shard.

(Norman Williams) #7

Hi. I have circular icon in COMMIT CHANGES which unable to update to my Github account. I am in USA (DC). Is there a different solution to fix?

(Robin) #8

There’s currently an error with the GitHub integration so try again in a few days.

(Luke - Backend Engineer) #9

A fix has been deployed, try to commit again. Let me know if you are still having issues

(Norman Williams) #10

Yep it works only after I log out first. I see it goes to different URL after I log in but everything is there. Thanks for the fix.