Can't get HS-WA100+ add-on light switch working

Hello guys,

I’ve been following you and reading on this platform for few weeks now and, I’ve decided to jump in the future :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered 2 lights switchs Homeseer HS-WS100+ and they work great. We have also ordered the HS-WD100+ and his companion (HS-WA100+) to be install as a three ways dimmer switchs.

After taking a look in the manual, I’ve look on YouTube and I’ve found out those videos about how to install those devices (Ge/Jasco and Homeseer look really the same…).

12723: GE Add On switch

I’ve followed the steps and I can get only the dimmer working. The add-on switch doesn’t seen to get any power.

I’m starting to think that the add-on might be defective… But since I’m not an expert yet, I was hoping to get your advice about it.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked at it specifically, but GE/Jasco switches are wired differently than most other switches. I wouldn’t use a video of theirs for any other brand.

In particular, note that the position of the traveler wire and the neutral wire are usually reversed in the GE relative to most other switches. So if you’re following the GE guide, you would wire the Homeseer switch incorrectly.

Here’s the homeseer manual:

And here’s the GE. Note the position of the traveler relative to the ground is different than the Homeseer:

Have you tried getting in touch with homeseer support?

Thanks for your quick reply!

Honestly, the video was really to follow the steps… I was looking on the panel of the device to ensure it was at the right place.

I didn’t try Homeseer support yet… I thought it will be probably something really dumb so :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just create a ticket support to Homeseer… I’ll keep you in touch since it can maybe help someone in the future. :grin:

I’m still open if anybody got any clue about it.

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Finally, it looks like I have a defective component. The replacement part is on it’s way.

Thanks for your help folks :slight_smile:

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