Can't get Aeon Multisensor 6 to connect to Google Home

I have a Aeon Multisensor 6 that I just finished setting up with my SmartThings hub and it is working there just fine. However, when I go to Google Home, the sensor does not appear even after asking my Google Home mini to sync devices, as well as removing my SmartThings account from the Google Home app and adding it back in (which meant I had to reassign all my other devices to their respective rooms), but the multisensor remained absent. Any ideas? Thanks.

That is not a device type supported by Google Home. Only bulbs, switches, dimmers, outlets, etc. that have actions that can be taken by them are supported.

So there’s no way to ask the Google Home what the temperature is and get a response based on the temperature measured by the sensor?

correct. that is currently not a standard, supported capability. i believe some people have worked around it by creating a custom device handler with the thermostat capability.

I don’t suppose you know how or have a guide to do this?

i’ve never done it personally