Can't find the routine that turns my lights on at 5:30AM

I am new to this community so please bear with me. I have been a SmartThings user for about three years and have been mostly pleased with the platform, but now I am met with an issue I cannot resolve.

There is somewhere hidden in my system an automation that turns on lights at 5:30AM every day. I have gone through the app (both new and old) and removed all summations and routines I can find, yet the lights still come on.

I have removed a second user so that I am the only user left and again gone through each device and still cannot seem to find the culprit. While I accept that I made some error when I set this routine up, I don’t understand why I can’t find the issue. I have checked routines, automations, smart apps, and every device I can think of with no luck. The items I am trying to fix are two z-wave plugin devices.

The only thing I have not done is removed the devices and re added them as I have not had lick with this procedure in the past and don’t want to buy new devices to correct this issue.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Have you ever logged into ide:

There are two things you might want to check:

  • click Devices and then the device in question, then scroll to “In use by”.
  • on the same page, click “List Events”

On the events page it will list the “APP_COMMAND” and the name of the app. If it says “DEVICE” then likely the event that triggers your lights is coming from the device itself or a non-SmartThings app.

Thanks for the tips. I will certainly look at those.

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You can also try opening the device in the classic app and clicking on the SmartApps tab in the upper right. There you might find any routines, pistons or SmartApps that are associated with that device. Note: this does not show any automations for the new app with that device.

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Point users to :slight_smile:


What is the device,eg z-wave,zigbee,hue? you need to take into consideration outside countrol IFTTT, HUE etc. my MiHome devces started doing this and it was because thier hub has save some on/offs as a timed action

the OP said:

IFTTT recipe would be listed as “APP_COMMAND” with IFTTT integration name attached to the event.

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If you do find yourself exploring the IDE in your browser, there is always the option of doing so at 5:30 am with the ‘Live Logging’ screen open to see what is going on. Not everything gets logged but quite a lot does.


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