Can't figure out how to auto play music thru Echo using Smartthings automation

Noob question. New to smartthings and can’t figure out how to setup an automated event that will play music on my echo or echo dot. I have a ‘morning’ event that turns on my hue light in the bedroom and would also like my echo in the bedroom to play music without me asking (not a morning person). The smartthings’ skill is enabled in alexa. Can this be done?

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Not with the official integrations. And not easily.

Because the echo can also act as a Bluetooth speaker, it is possible to schedule music on another device and then have it play using the echo as a speaker, but that’s probably not what you were looking for. :disappointed_relieved:

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Thanks for the reply. Are there ‘unofficial’ interrogations? I’m game to try if it’s possible.

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Thanks JD!


The other posters are correct…you have no control over ECHO music playback via SmartThings. The reason I was tagged is that I have an app called Ask Alexa that allows for music control of SONOS speakers…but the Echo playback is just in the domain of voice control on the device itself.

Let me know if you need further information.

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Not the most “elegant” solution… but you could do something like this: