Cant choose devices to control with automations

Hi! Im not a fan of the new app… not at all, but I have to live with it. Im trying to make a simple automation… open the shades at 50% at 6:30pm.
Going into the app, go to automation, click on the if condition, but then in the THEN, when I choose Control Devices, I can only see 5 devices, from 60+ that I have.

Any news?

Just realised I can only see recently added devices… why is that? Do I have to Re-Add all devices?

No you don’t. Something else is up, so I recommend contacting ST support.

also, there has been a caching issue in the past with the app where you open device status and only see a partial list of devices. back out of that screen and select device status again and you might see more devices get loaded. no need to close the automation and start over… just back out of the device status screen.

if not, contact support as mentioned above.