Can't create or install my own smartapps

Hi, I’ve been wanting to create and install others smartapps. I’ve searched and searched and all the instructions have me logging into ST and I’m supposed to see a “Smart Things” link, but it’s not there. I’ve also searched around the phone app extensively and see no way from that end as well. Any clues on why I don’t seem to have access?

So what comes up when you log in and click on the My Hubs link. Do you see your SmartThings hub?

I see a great deal of information about “my hub” and a table below listing all of “my devices”. Yes, I see my SmartThings hub.

All built-in app functionality works as does all the 21 things in my smartthings networks.

Just no place to do anything with custom apps.

So once signed in to the website and you can see your hub you should see a row of options at the top and one of them is SmartApps.

I think this most often happens if you accidentally signed into the wrong “shard.” You would think smart things wouldn’t let you do this, but it does. You’ll be able to sign in but you won’t see any of your actual devices.

If that doesn’t work, look to see if your devices are listed under “my devices” but you are still missing the “my smart apps” tab.

If that’s true, then contact support, because something is definitely wrong.


There is no row including SmartApps. Sounds like what I should see, but I don’t

Clicking my devices shows me my table of devices, but nothing to do with “my smart apps”. I’ll head the support route and post back if that ends up working out. Thanks

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Customer Service was the trick. I was told developer access would need to be enabled for my account and once that was done, a logout and back in shows what I was expecting.

Really wish that information would have been stuck in some of the support information.

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Glad you got ot sorted, but i never had to do anything like that. All the options were already available.

How does one specifically get developer access? I used to have it but now it’s not letting me add from code for my devices