Can't create a simulated device

I’m getting an HTTP 500 server error when trying to create a new virtual switch device in IDE. Is anyone else noting any similar issue?

	Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
    Error500: Internal Server Error
    Reference Idba502250-9fc4-46eb-8773-f765d984de7b
    DateMon Nov 02 04:10:24 UTC 2015

I have created several virtual switches to trigger routines or change modes and they all work fine - I have never seen the error you mention. I can’t find it now but JD Roberts had posted step by step instructions from another user and I followed them without trouble. I know it would be more useful if I could find that post… Sorry :pensive:

Thanks.Turns out it was something in my browser session. Switched to IE from Firefox and it worked fine.

Glad you figured it out. I was about to tell you to go visit the FAQ section under Devices and integration. There is a post about virtual switches which contains the step by step instructions I referred to earlier. But I guess it is a moot point now :yum: