Canon Printer


There is Amazon Alexa integration for some Canon printers. The skill is able to start the printer and print some templates or shopping list, todo list etc.

I wonder if it would be possible to write a device handler or smart app to achieve such feature from Smartthings. Just turning on/off even would be great.

Any ideas ?

You can do this with a virtual contact sensor/switch. Create the virtual device in ST and then link it to Alexa. In Alexa, create a routine using the contact sensor as the trigger.

There is a similar integration for HP printers…

why should I do that ? :slight_smile:

alexa works fine.
but I want to directly control Canon printer through ST.
Because Alexa skill does not turn on/off . It requires to print something.
I want to turn on the printer through ST with just a button.

Turn on for what? Most of the time, printers are in standby mode. However, if you just want to turn it on/off then, couldn’t you use a Smart Plug? You already have the ability to print using an Alexa Routine. You can tie that routine to a Virtual Contact in ST…


I just want to turn it on so that my son can print something from his pc.
Then I want to turn it off. When I see it online.
Alexa does not do this.

Alexa only turns on and then prints something predefined.

The printer can be left on 24/7. Most printers will go into a stand-by mode where they consume very, VERY little electricity. If you actually turn the printer off, when you turn it back on again it will have a lengthy start-up time. Also, if it is a laser printer, you might have to wait for the toner to warm up for a lengthy period of time in order to be ready to print. Or you might have to wait for the printer to go through a conditioning cycle. The reason you can’t turn it off/on through Alexa is because no one wants to do that.

Plus, if you turn the printer off…how would you possibly be able to turn it back on without being physically at the printer. The definition of off means that there is no functional radio for you to connect to. So, what you are asking for is impossible.

I am using a Canon TS 8150 printer.
It can be turned on with a network request.
I don’t know if you call this state “not really off but standby”, but it works.
And when I turn it on through network, it just warms up in 5 seconds ready to print. (it is not laser, inkjet)

So I love how it power on/off remotely. I just don’t have a way to do it through Smartthings.
“Why Smartthings matters” you may think… Because I have other people at home and I don’t want them to turn on/off the printer. I want to turn it on remotely and let them print whatever they need. Then I can turn it off.

This is not a big deal. And I can live without this. But it would be nice to have…

My wife has “Zen” diffusers all over the house. I can not turn these “on” with a Smart Plug because you have to manually push buttons on them. However, I am able to turn them off via Smart Plugs. I have a simple rule that say’s If Diffuser turns off then turn on. This allows them to be ready for use the next time she Zens the house.

Point of story is, using a SmartPlug, you can simply plug the printer in to a Smart Plug and then turn that Smart Plug off when you don’t want anyone using the printer. If your printer is like the many that I’ve had, they typically have a button on them to turn on. So if you kill power then turn power back on, you have to hit a button in order for it to turn all the way on. Or…like yours, you can Wake it up via LAN (WOL).

Good Luck!

Then I contend that it was never off. If the wifi radio is on, then the printer isn’t off, is it?

Why? It doesn’t go into standby and come out of standby on it’s own? That’s surprising.

I really don’t care if it is really off or not.
I just don’t want to see its leds on and when no leds, I assume it is off.

What I want to achieve with ST is just to be able to turn offf/on remotely.
I see that nobody is interested in such integration. I have previously written device handlers and smart apps. If I can find the API for Canon printer remote control, I could also handle this.
it seems there’s no disclosed API. Just an Amazon skill is avaiable from canon itself.

Wow, to be honest, I haven’t heard about this possibility before. This is actually very cool. Just imagine, you can print photos and other documents without working directly with the printer! I would really like to try this feature, but I recently bought a printer from and this is the best printer in history and so far I’m not going to change it because it is really cool. It can print at a speed of 200 pages per hour and this is just fantastic and the dream of any librarian :slight_smile:

I hope some day people will have more interest in this and developers will search how to access canon printer API.

Does it bother you so much that the LEDs don’t light up?