How to turn off a printer

I have a HP Officejet Pro 6960, is there a way using ifttt and smart plug plug or something to turn off the printer and not just kill the power to it? I would also like to be able to say, Alexa turn on printer and Alexa Turn Off printer…


A smart plug will only kill the power to turn it off. Any device you want to turn off with Alexa will require being able to be turned off remotely first. If you can turn it off using an IR remote or Z-wave or Zigbee etc, then Alexa will be able to control it with the help of the correct hub.

Can you turn off the printer with a computer keyboard command?

Does the printer not go into a low power standby mode if not used for a preset amount of time?

That model, like most recent HP models, has both a sleep mode and an auto off mode. You want to disable the auto off mode and then it will remain available in sleep mode, so that any time you send a print job to it it will wake itself up.

You shouldn’t need any other devices to make this work.

Many people initially set up an HP printer with auto off enabled and don’t even realize that they did that, so this is a pretty common question.

Once you’ve disabled the auto off, then anytime you send a print job to the printer, it will wake up and start printing.

If you want the printer turned off for a specific period of time to save maximum energy, such as if you are on solar power, it has a built in schedule.

If you’re not sure how to disable auto off, just get in touch with HP support and they can help you. But the manual is pretty clear.

If for whatever reason your particular model requires a physical button press to shift back to sleep mode after the power has been cut and then restored, then, as @anon36505037 mentioned, you could consider the prota push. But most people won’t need that to manage an HP, it has a lot of built in power management features. :sunglasses: