Cannot see devices directly unless I click locations


Once I log into the smartthings (, if I click “My devices”, it says that I don’t have any devices and I need to add one. But, if I click “My locations” and once I click the devices on the locations entry “Home”, then it asks me to login again ( and once I login, then it shows the devices.

How can I get the devices under the location to show it in the main level also? I think this is preventing my new Google home from seeing the devices and I am not able to add these devices (under location) into the Google Home.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks,

Sounds to me like you somehow created 2 locations. 1 with all your devices and one with nothing . You should be able to delete the empty location and just be left with the one containing all your devices.

Be sure to always login directly to your shard. That’s the place your SmartThings mobile App will instantiate Devices.

Thanks. But how can we have Google Home point to the specific Shard URL of Smartthings rather than the generic URL that Google Home is trying to connect always? I am NOT able to change the URL on the top. (I am using the Google Home app on Android device - Samsung Galaxy S4 - Android Kitkat (4.4.2). Thanks,

A properly coded and published OAuth SmartApp will automatically get installed in the correct Shard for the Location you select under your Account, even though it always shows “” on the OAuth page.

ie, installation automatically redirects, unlike logging in to use the API/IDE interactively.