Cannot rejoin things

having a problem rejoining zigbee things? here are a few specifics

Using the new smartthings app

several zigbee devices went unavailable around the same time and i cannot get them to rejoin the system. I have two centralite smart plugs and 2 samsung multipurpose sensors using on two doors. I have tried resetting the smartplugs by holding in the button then plugging it in then releasing the button when the light comes on. after that the device blinks blue three times then a pause then blinks 3 more times for about 2 minutes. during this time i try to join them via the app and my app finds nothing. same thing with the door sensor. ANY IDEAS?? i have rebooted the hub several times with no change. currently my Z-wave devices are connected and working properly.

take that back just checked and now two z-wave devices are now “unavailable”

Are they visible in the classic app? Do they use Custom DTHs?

No I am using the new app. No custom DHT