Cannot pair/delete devices (2023)

So today, I decided to bite the bullet and manually remove and readd many of my devices that had not migrated. I got a few to go , now nothin g will repair to the hub. I have bounced the hub a few times and still no luck. Anyone else experiencing this?

zigbee, z-wave? excluding if z-wave? brand/models? enrolled the Edge drivers you need? using the scan option instead of choosing by brand?

Both, Yes exclude seems to work, Osram, Sengled, GE, Yes, always scan. I am also making sure to do factory resets on the devices

check IDE to check if they were actually removed

I have been using the API tool, thought the IDE was all but dead

it will die soon. I only mentioned it because there have been a few who reported removing devices in the app but found they were still listed in IDE and needed to remove them there. May or may not help in your case.


That was it. Out of app. Out of api, but still in old ide. soon as i deleted them there they paired up. Thank you!!!


same issue - my aeotec nano dimmers have started acting very weird so I exluded, deleted, and reset it. Now it won’t re-pair at all. Not being seen by the system, no matter what. I hope it resolves soon!

as @jkp had mentioned, the fix was in the old groovy IDE. Even though the device was gone in the app and the API, it was still in the IDE. Once I forced deleted it there, the devices came right back in with edge drivers

Which to me indicates that it is really stupid to shut down the IDE until we can be assured that there is a way to remove things conclusively. Any time in the past, before the whole Edge thing, that I had trouble adding/removing a device, I would go to the IDE as a last resort and force remove the device. And your current experience is further proof of this.

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Just my thoughts, I assume this issue is only related to devices using groovy device handlers. All devices will be converted to Edge before IDE is shut down. I believe the shut down of IDE will be a great thing as ST will only need to focus on one architecture at that point.


Unfortunately, still not working… I had deleted via the app (it failed to do the job) and then IDE, which did remove it - and the app reflected this. There is no sign of the nano dimmer anywhere on the App or ide page. dimmer is factor reset - blinking away… but no luck in being seen to be re-paired.

Hi, @Stefan_Avalos.

Can you share the fingerprints of your device, please?

I can’t see the device in any of the usual methods - not in the phone app, not in the IDE web interface, not in the new beta app.
is there another way to see info?
it seems like it was a complete uninstall - but is not re-pairing (scanning for new devices reveals no new devices, etc.)

Just because sometimes we all miss the basics when lost in the weeds… have you powered the hub all the way down and rebooted it?

And… just checking. You have the proper Edge Driver installed on your hub… checked the fingerprint to ensure it works with that driver and you are using Add Device > Scan.

As always, report the issue to ST support.

You can either use the CLI or the API Browser from @TAustin to see information about your hub and devices.


argh, not seeing the device in this api browser either… :frowning:

@Stefan_Avalos, can you share the device brand and model? It might be around here in other threads or in the web.
There are also some stock drivers that you can install from the Beta Channel that accept any device of their protocol (Zigbee/Z-Wave) and you can see their fingerprints in the logcat.
Other Community developers like @Mariano_Colmenarejo created drivers that show them in the app, this is the channel invitation: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things. (coming from this post)

So, the device that (was) giving me trouble was an early version of the aeotec Nanodimmer - the Aeon Labs DSC19103 Micro Smart Dimmer 2E

Today I finally got it to pair - what I had to do was (after having completely deleted it from the system and having reset it - the light was blinking for ‘pair mode’ - was to actually shut the power off to it for a few minutes (at the mains) - Then, I moved the aeotec hub to within three feet of the switch (a pain in the butt) and re-paired it. and - it worked!
it also seems to be using an edge driver now. So, a few hoops to jump through including a hard power down/power up.

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