Cannot get notifications from Schlage lever lock

I have an old Schlage LiNK that I connected to smartthings, I can control it from phone (lock, unlock, set codes, etc) but cannot receive notifications when someone uses a code to open it, manually unlocks it, etc.

I thought maybe the lock doesn’t work completely anymore and bought a brand new FE599 and the exact same behavior happens.

I’ve tried the stock device handler, a couple from github, and finally I got RBoy’s DH.

The locks are reasonably close to the hub, the new one is sitting right next to it, since I was testing before installing it. I have run Z-Wave network repair a number of times.

The batteries are also new so I don’t know what the problem can be. If I watch live logs on smartthings I do not see events for unlocking with codes.

Does anyone know what else I can look at? I’d hate to have to move these back to my old controller just to get notifications.