Cannot add more than 200 devices error pop up in Android new Smatthings App

Is anyone getting the “Cannot add more than 200 devices” error pop up when clicking the + to add a new device from the main screen or any of the ‘rooms’? I am only able to add a new device if I hit the 3 line menu, pick Devices and hit the + there.

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First the %#%#%$# 20 room limit, now 200 device limit too??? Thanks for the link to the other thread. I searched but it did not come up. I’ll move my rant there :wink:


Perhaps you need to subscribe to the Pro level (“name your own price before 12/31!”) in order to get more than 20 rooms or 200 devices.


Not sure I follow… what is the Pro Level?

It was meant to be a reference to IFTTT’s last move when they introduced their payable plans. Which was basically the only option if you wanted to have more applets than any basic user.


Ah, I get it. I hate how everything is going to subscription services so I hope ST doesn’t. Plus as things are right now, I am not to thrilled with paying for something that is always half broken. Now if paying gets me local processing, and reliability well then I just might… but Hubitat, albeit less polished under certain aspects, does that for free… Choices… :slight_smile: I have a HE C5 but never really spent the time to get it to do much.