Cannot add devices, app is crashing

Anyone having issues adding a device? As soon as I press connect in the app it crashes. I am running the latest iOS version.

Same here with Adding a SmartApp

Report it to Other people have reported similar issues, but the more details they get, the faster they can fix it.

I’m having the same problem. And I running the latest iOS version.

Attempting to add a device from the pre-defined categories, “open/closed sensors”, “motion sensors” etc results in the app crashing. Using the generic “connect new device” option does not result in the app crashing for me. I’ve had this happen over a dozen times this evening while trying to add various locks and sensors. One app crash restarted my phone : /

iPhone 6+ with iOS 8.3
SmartThings v1.7.1 (1088)

I have the same problem as you. Have you solved it somehow?