Unable to add device due to app crashing

I just purchased a Samsung FlexDuo electric range. I have installed the SmartThings app on two iPhones and an iPad with similar results. On both phones the app would allow us to scan the QR code to start adding a device and choose a location. It told me to connect to the wifi on the oven, and I did. At that point the app immediately crashed and any time I reopen it, it crashes again. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve tried the above devices. I’m a little lost on where to go next to get the oven connected to my wifi network. Does anyone have any ideas ?

Also my apologies if this has been covered, I searched but didn’t come up with much.

There have been two other users reporting the same issue with the app since the latest release of iOS this past week. Best option is to contact ST support at support@smartthings.com and report the issue and hope they release an update soon. One of the users indicated turning off wifi on their phone seemed to help but that would not help you since you need to add an appliance that would require wifi in order to set it up.

same problem here after IOS 15.5 updated. Now only works with wifi turned off. Crashes with wifi turned on.


Report it to SmartThings support and in the meanwhile try using the browser app at https://my.smartthings.com