Candelabra zwave or zigbee light bulbs

I am looking for a zigbee/zwave candelabra type light bulb to fit in some of my lights. I don’t really want to install a light switch to do the controlling but if there is no such thing for a controllable candelabra bulb then I guess I will have to do a light switch.

I have not seen any and can’t find any by a quick google.

There are 2 alternatives besides the switch
1 HD has these, though until ST offers some sort of bluetooth support they won’t work with ST (and may never - no way to know)

2 Depending on the aesthetics you may want to buy some adapters to convert the bulb type
Another user here used these

There is a 3rd possible option, though they don’t seem to be available anywhere. Osram shows a candelabra bulb on their website, but no idea why it’s not available

In the end, your best bet may just be to replace the switch


They seem to be only available in Europe from what I can tell. Every place I’ve found where they are for sale is in Europe. For instance:

I’ve been interested in this but I did replace the switch last weekend. I’d like to see some color changing ones. Since they are not the main light source, they could be nice notifiers, but I understand the space limitations for a manufacturer.

Thanks for the info @kevintierney, I did see the you are talking about from HD. Not sure I want to chance the bluetooth since ST has not even turned on that feature and not telling when they will turn it on. I may try the adapter as long as it does not cause the light bulb to stick to far out and if that’s the case, I may have to stick with a new switch.

Good finds, the best sounding one is the bluetooth one, but it doesn’t require a hub meaning it won’t turn on my light prior to my arrival. I can’t believe with all the landgrabs made lately in home automation nobody has filled this void.

If it hasn’t been done, there’s usually a reason. In this case, it’s pretty simple – – the radio is too big for the base. :sunglasses:

Yea, I defiantly thought about that. But my scenario and many others I can think of like holiday candles have room to expand. There’s 433mhz E26 adapters and an E12 to E26 converter but I think at that point I do run out of headroom unfortunately. The obvious answer is to use a relay but I’m trying to avoid those since I’ll be moving sooner rather than later. Although I wonder if I could fit a Cree E26 into the converter in my lighting fixture… Oh dimensions dimensions…

It’s not just dimensions, it’s heat dispersal management. Remember also that many chandeliers have the bulbs upside down and many smart bulbs say not to use them upside down. It’s one of those areas where it’s hard to trust consumers to make decisions that they manufacturer won’t be held liable for. :wink:

I agree with those who suggested that it’s almost always easier ( and less expensive) for chandeliers to just change the wall switch.

Interesting, I should check the Cree for that warning.


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And a Hue version soon:

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@Varmint Do you know when the Osram lights will be avail in the US?

Good question. I have been using the Osram Lightify standard base bulbs for sometime now with positive results. I took was looking for a candelabra base and came across the Osram’s. Now that you mentioned it, I see they aren’t able to be located in the US. Hmmmm. False Alarm!