Can picture mode be controlled with rules API?

I would like to control the picture off function in the Samsung TV accessibility menu using the RULES API. Is there a way to do this?

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Hi, @blueprint
What do you mean by “controlling picture mode”? Like, start to show pictures on the screen?

What you can do to/with the device through the API depends on the capabilities exposed by the device and if the TV’s controller/handler allows it.
You can start by getting the device’s details by using this CLI command to see which capabilities it supports:

smartthings devices deviceId -j

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This is a function that only turns off the screen.

So, it’s an option on the TV’s menu? Does it appear in the SmartThings app as well?
If it could be possible through the API, only the manufacturer could provide information on how to do it or I don’t know if other users have cracked a way to do so, maybe with the execute capability which takes a string as a parameter but the value accepted by the device is unknown to us.