Can not see Arlo camera image on Samsung TV


I Have 4 Arlo 5 cameras in my smartthings ecosystem. They are normally working in smartthings app on my phone.

They are listed on my smartthings TV app. But there is no image. Only rotating wheel. Is there a way how to see the image?

I think this is a common problem but no one told me a solution yet. Anybody knows?

TV should be supported. It is Samsung QE50QN90A

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Welcome Jan!

I have several Samsung TVs that I initially bought for integration with SmartThings, but it was a rough experience. The cameras worked inconsistently. Have you attempted to update the firmware on the TV? Personally, I opted for a Firestick and use it with Alexa routines to view my Ring cameras.


TV is updated automatically. It’s the newest soft.

I Just can not get why it is now working. They say TV should fully suplement a hub so cameras should work. It looks it is supposed to work but doesn’t.

Is seems it is problem with samsung not a camera maker.

But there is no Alexa or Ghome app on my tizen tv. What is firestick? Can you explain a bit please?

Dne pá 12. 1. 2024 22:19 uživatel michael watson via SmartThings Community <> napsal:

A Firestick is an Android TV box that runs the Fire TV OS and plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. It offers various Android apps for watching content. To view your Arlo camera feed, simply say, ‘Alexa, show me Arlo Pro’ (or your chosen camera name). Make sure to check availability in your country on Amazon.

Basically you would just use the Firestick on your TV and forget about using the Tizen OS.

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Ok thanks. It seems little complicated. I will probably just sit and wait and hope they will fix it.

Dne pá 12. 1. 2024 23:09 uživatel michael watson via SmartThings Community <> napsal: