Can I use my existing door/window contact on DSC with ST using a wired z-wave contact sensor?


I have a pre-wired home with contact sensors that are connected to my DSC panel. I have totally 4 zones for contact . Can I use each zone with one of the extendable z-wave contact sensors like “Everspring Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” and monitor the doors and windows/trigger events based on their state? My only concern is that I still want to continue using these sensors with DSC, so if I tap into the zone in parallel with DSC, will they still work? Has anyone tried this?



Hi @ashutosh1982, the quick answer is that ST and existing panels will work. There are several discussions regarding this topic, so I highly recommend using the Search feature. I think you’ll find a lot of information to help you out.

@johnconstantelo Thanks a lot John! I searched yesterday and did not find exactly what I was looking for, but after you told me I searched again and like you said, I did find another thread which addressed what I was looking for. Thanks!

I have posted my question in that thread and hopefully I will get some feedback from others. I still could not find the exact answer to my question. Cheers.