Can I trigger actions based on another location?

Here’s the issue,
I want to turn on my hive heating at my house when I arrive at the train station in the evening. I’ve set up a new location in my ST app and added my phone as a presence sensor. Now how can I get my presence at the station to activate the Hive hub connected at my home location? I thought IFTTT might do it, but it seems you can only have one location on the channel?

Any ideas?

Maybe some type of cloud to cloud integration using Life360? I think it can detect multiple locations.

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This is exactly what I am using for multiple locations with 2 users. I find life360 is much more reliable as well compare to phone presence.


I worked it out. All I needed was to add Hive to the other location and set up a Core Piston to turn on the heating when the presence sensor arrives between the set time. I also found a “Cloud Services” app that was created for the Alexa Helper app that allows smarttthings to operate a momentary button on another location.

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