Can I run app but not act as presence device?

I created action to open my garage door when I approach the house. I don’t think it worked because while I had my phone, but tablet (which I used to setup my smartthings hub_ was still in the house.

Is that maybe what caused it to fail?

Also, is there a way for me to run the mobile app on my tablet without it acting like a presence device?

Did you setup you mobile phone as a “Presence Sensor”???

Oh probably, I suspect it was the default, don’t recall the option.

I do know that my tablet and phone both show up as presence devices on the IDE site when I view my things.

You should use different logins on different devices. For mobile presence to work, you have to enroll each device separately in the smart things app. As long as you don’t enroll those devices which you don’t want to track, they won’t be monitored…

Also, even if you have presence enabled, you can always exclude certain devices in the rule when you setup the the automation rule.

The answer is yes. I have my mobile phone as a presence detector and my tablets are not.

You have to add the mobile phone as a presence sensor under “Connect New Device”

If both are there you need to delete one. One for most mobile devices presence is weird. I would never have it trigger my garage door. The delay can be pretty bad, my range is about 1 mile and sometimes it happens at the mile marker, and others closer to 2 minutes after I am in the house. A few times in the middle of the night it recognized that I came back home, but never left.

For garage doors I would recommend getting a zwave presence detector, it should trigger 20-50 feet from the house.

edit: added more words

Thanks for the details. I went ahead and removed my tablet. I realize I probably didn’t configure my “I’m Back” event, so I’ll try again.

But what you say about presence detection with mobile phone is disappointing. I will try it (since I like not having to carry something else) for a while and see.

Don’t know about iOs but my Samsung S6 as Presence sensor works very well. I have installed Life360 on it as well, added that to ST (Life360 Connect) and set it up as a Presence sensor. I have had this setup for a year now and the biggest problem has been it triggering the “I’m back” event too soon (when I am walking home).

Oh that good to know. Have you tried just the regular ST Presence sensor (not the life360)?

I assume you mean the mobile phone??? Yes (Samsung Galaxy S6) … If you mean the key fob. I have an old version of this fob and it is useless, Stopped using it months ago,

The mobile phone works fine once you dial it in. It has to do with a few factors, mostly around detecting where you are. For example if my phone is in my pocket, while driving it may not be able to get a good lock on my location. I ended up increasing the distance it checks for, and its been pretty good.

When I had the issues in the middle of the night re-detecting my presence it may have just been the network (ATT or ST), but still I would not trust the system to unlock or open doors. For convenience items (disarm alarm, lights) I am fine with it, but for physical security I would not trust automated rules with presence. I would still want to press the button to open my garage door.

Here is a thread about what I experienced last month. It seems to be an issue with Marshmallow and that is what I am running on both my Androids. It seems to be a little better, but there are still some delays in detecting presence.

Yea, I’m not seeing exactly that behavior. I have a nexus 6p and it deep sleeps. But Currently mine is correctly showing it is at home.

What I did notice was that it didn’t trigger when I got home until I was sitting in my driveway and I picked up my phone to check it out.

I’ll try again for a while, but I may just look for a more reliable solution. Any recommendations on alternatives? Basically looking for presence to be good enough to detect when I am approaching home and open garage door.