Can I join a Vizia RF+ network with z-wave utilities - Join/Leave another network?

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The short answer is no.

The confusion comes from the fact that “join” is used differently by different manufacturers. Many just mean “include.” Others use it for joining groups, like associations.

Leviton has “include” and “join” as two different functions. “join” applies only to vizia rf+ Controllers, and has to do with both the Lutron patents and some specific controller devices that Leviton manufactures. A motion sensor, for example, never “joins” a network using a Leviton hub. Only secondary Vizia rf+ controllers come and go in a process not supported by SmartThings or most other non Leviton hubs.

The Join action is in the Smartthings utilities not the Leviton Vizia RF+ and that did not work.

Can I put the Vizia RF+ network and primary controller as secondary to the ST Hub?

Ideally I would like to make the ST Hub secondary to the Vizia RF+ network but I understand that can’t be done.

I need the internet independence that that Vizia RF+ provides with the in-wall controllers such as VRCZ4 which I have two of.

Doesn’t look like anyone has had any luck getting the VRCZ4 (either generation) to work with SmartThings.

As far as having ST work as a secondary controller, even if you could it wouldn’t be able to issue the Leviton commands it doesn`t support, so I’m not sure what could it would do you.

If you already have a Leviton set up that you like but there’s something more you get from ST that you want, like control of zigbee devices, I’d consider just running two separate networks in your house.

I run ST for some convenience use cases and to get voice control (through Siri and IFTTT). I run a completely separate network for security. But different things work for different people.

I have about come to decision to have two networks. The Vizia RF stuff seems to be very robust but not too fancy - also pricey as they have to pay patent royalties for use of their communication protocol. I have now put all the devices on the ST network and the VRCZ4 shows up as a controller. I have not delved into the programming stuff much but one might be able to configure some code to work with it. I was an active programmer some decades ago but I am not very interested into stirring up those old neural connections again.

I wonder how long Leviton will stick with the Vizia RF + line giving all the other options out there and their patent issues. Their market for it appears to be contractors for up-scale custom homes where a lot of devices are involved. If they could revise it to circumvent the patents and provide the functionality of the cloud based systems while maintaining functionality without internet connectivity they could have a winner.

Leviton is already making a second, cheaper line without the Vizia add on, so they’re positioned to go either way when the Lutron patent runs out in a year or so. :blush: