Can I give guest hub access to just one of my hubs

I have hub at my primary residence and a hub at our vacation rental. I would like my vacation rental managment company to be able to give access codes to our Schlage lock by going through the hub, but I do not want them to have access to both of my hubs. Thank you

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You can use or


For that use case you should also take a serious look at RBoy’s Rental Lock Automator (RLA)…


I have tried so far and it was extremely easy to set up. I can lock and unlock my door, remotely, directly through Sharptools. However, I am not seeing a way to change the user code through the Sharptools interface. For reference, it is a short term rental property (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) with many guest checking in and out each month. With Smarthings, I can give each guest their own unique 4 digit code to enter the condo. I can then delete each code when they check out.

I recently hired a management company to handle the rental. They will now be in charge of assigning codes to guests. I do not want to give them our credentials to log into our Smarthings hub because we have multiple hubs.

tagging @RBoy so he can give you all the details on his Rental Lock Automator

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If you’re looking to automate codes for your rental property check out this app

There are other apps and device handlers which are useful for rental properties. For example you can use the enhanced zwave thermostat device handler with a GoControl or Honeywell thermostat to limit the maximum heat and minimum cool temperatures for the thermostat so folks have some but not unlimited flexibility.

There are SmartApps for temperature and humidity management as well, a door and lock synchronizer and more.


RBoy Apps + is a match made in heaven! :wink:

Some of our community members with rental properties enjoy RBoy’s Rental Lock Automater as it can automatically manage codes based on the reservation system they are using.

If you want the management company to manually change the lock code, you can use SharpTools Dashboards + Rule Engine to create a basic interface for changing codes. Here’s an example: