Can I connect a ST hub to an android phone's hotspot?

Hello, I have a houseboat that stays docked at a lake. There are no internet providers that offer internet services to the marina. A neighboring houseboat that is a friend of mine keeps a phone with a hotspot on his boat all the time. He said I could use his internet service if I can figure out a way. Is there anyway I can connect a ST hub to his android phone so I can set up devices on my boat like door contact switches, air and water temperature sensors, and fire alarm? Then I can monitor these devices from home which is a couple hours away?

you would need some kind of adapter to connect to his wifi and provide a LAN output since the hub doesn’t have WiFi.

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A wireless bridge should work.

Something like this?

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Thanks for the quick responses and ideas. Maybe I should have mentioned I am in the US. Would that access point still work?