Can flow temperature be controlled on a Samsung Heat pump via SmartThings API?

I am looking to control a friend’s heat pump using the API, and I need to be able to control the flow temperature (not just on/off). Does anyone know if this is possible? Confusingly, a Samsung rep told me by email that it is possible via the app when the heat pump is in fixed temperature mode, however they followed up by saying it is not possible via the API.

Hi, @AWGNelson !
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What you can do with a device through the API depends on the following:

  1. Which capabilities has the device included in its metadata? They can be seen when you get the device’s details or status.
//API request

//CLI command
smartthings devices deviceId -j or -y
smartthings devices:status deviceId -j or -y

Each capability has commands available you can use, which you can also query from the API or in the developer docs (production/live capabilities):

//CLI command
smartthings capabilities capabilityId -j or -y
  1. The functions available on the device’s controller. This depends on the manufacturer because even though you see a capability available in the API, when we send a command, the controller handles it according to its configuration which the developer of the integration defines.