Can anyone recommend a Smartthings compatible power meter smart plug (UK)

I searched the forums and could not find much or anything recent on this.
Would like to measure power usage of american fridge and washer/dryer
Zigbee preferred if possible, but needs to have some means of tracking usage over time

What’s the electrical draw of those appliances? You might require a heavy duty plug. :thinking:

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UK limit of plugged in devices is 13amp or around 3200watts
Fridge should be well under that but dryer could peak closer to that limit.
If I could find a power monitor plug rated at 13 amp it should fit the bill.

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Following up on this, I bought a tplink p110 smart plug with power monitoring. This is claimed to work with SmartThings via the linked service.
It does,in a fashion. The device shows in SmartThings but you can only switch it on or off, not read the power usage. Which is a pity because I wanted to be able to trigger routines based on power usage.

I’m still looking for one that does energy monitoring through smartthings… you found any that do the trip?

I use the ‎Sengled Smart Plug G2 with @Mariano_Colmenarejo edge driver and they have being problem free for me. I have 8 of them throughout the house. You can put two in a US duplex outlet if needed.

aww doesnt look like they do a UK version :frowning: I’ve tried the KP115 but the usage data doesnt seem to be coming through from the Kasa app. wondering if this one (link) will do the trick but really cant find anywhere that says if it does/doesnt

If you use this Edge Driver the Kasa devices will have Energy Reporting in Smartthings.

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might sound like an idiot but how do i use edge drivers? new to smartthings :frowning:


If you’re having trouble connecting your TP-Link KP115 smart plug to the SmartThings app, follow these steps:

Disclaimer: Please note that this solution is not approved by TP-Link Kasa and there is a risk of things going wrong. I am not responsible for any issues that may arise from following these steps.

  1. Make sure you have the necessary edge drivers installed. You can add/accept the following edge drivers:

It’s unclear if the first one is required, but adding both may help.

  1. Add your KP115 device to your Kasa app. Once the device is connected to your LAN (WiFi), you’re ready to add it to SmartThings.
  2. Open the SmartThings app and tap “Scan for nearby devices”. This should list all the Kasa devices connected to your LAN.
  3. Select the device you want to add and assign it to a room.

That’s it - you’re done!

Note: If you link your Kasa app with SmartThings, you may see duplicate devices. To avoid this, consider leaving your Kasa app disconnected from SmartThings and only adding the devices you want through the SmartThings app.

think im getting there but im getting this error? any ideas?

Still no luck, anyone got any guidance?

How did you get on - were you able to successfully get the Kasa UK Plug to work in the UK as expected, pulling in the energy/power information into ST via the Edge driver?

I did get it to work but not as expected, using the edge drivers allowed me to pickup the smart plugs and put them into smartthings. Though the current power usage is coming through, unfortunately it doesnt plot the data in the smartthings app with overall data usage. I wanted to be able to map out the room usage :frowning: I gave up after that because I didnt have the knowhow to go ahead and create my own edge drivers based off the repo for the edge driver… so sad.