Can Alexa tell you the status of a Device?

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I found the following on the FAQ section:

How do motion and contact sensors work with Alexa?

Alexa can tell you the current state of your motion and contact sensors. Alexa can also tell you when they change state with a custom message.

Here are some example phrases:

“Alexa, is my front door open?"

“Alexa, is my bedroom window open?”

Alexa can also perform actions when motion is detected or a door/window opens or closes, such as a custom Alexa notification or playing music. Click here to learn more about creating Alexa Routines in the Alexa app.

Can this functionality work directly with an Echo Plus? or do you have to have the SmartThings hub?


That’s a question that may be best asked on an Alexa or Echo forum.


The Statement above is taken from the Smartthings website.

So before I buy the sensor …I just want to clarify that what I’m trying to do will work etc…


I see what you mean, now. Didn’t realize it was specifically a SmartThings branded sensor.

Unfortunately, that is a hub specific feature. You can do as you intend with a SmartThings hub. You cannot with a Vera/Ezlo hub (another brand). As far as an Echo Hub, you’ll likely need to check on those support forums or wiki’s. The data is there from the device, but the hub may still not read it.


If you pair the Zigbee sensors directly to an Echo Plus (the one with the built-in Zigbee hub), then you should be able to ask Alexa the status of those sensors. No need for a SmartThings hub in that case, especially if you don’t have any other use for the ST hub.

Hi all,

So just to update. I got the ST Multipurpose Sensor and it does work well with the Echo Plus.

It picked it up straightaway and it can tell me the status of the device.

So I called it ‘Garage Door’.

When I ask ‘Alexa’ …‘is garage door open’ …it tells me whether it’s open or closed.

But if I ask Alexa …‘what is the status of Garage Door’ - it doesn’t tell me.

So it seems to work well for me …the main reason I wanted to know this is because I tried the Sonoff Zigbee sensors first and even though they send me notifications when ‘Garage Door’ is opened or closed … they can’t tell me if Garage Door is actually Open or Closed when I ask Alexa.


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