Can a zwave device in 833/433 mhz to work with Samsung hub

I just moved into a new house with many glass windows and doors which already had in place al18 window magnetic strips attached via wire to a 8 different Z wave singling devices but the alarm system brain does not work so i need to either…

1, Have these 8 units of Zwave devices work with my new Samsung Hub. The issue is that these Zwave are chinese and work in 833 or 433 mhm range. Is there any way that my hub working in 908.42 mhm accept these devices ?

  1. or attach all these 18 magnetic strips to 8 new Zwave devices via wires, but I cannot find any sensor that will accept wires,

Thanks for your help…

Unfortunately, no. The frequency of the device has to exactly match the frequency of the hub. They would also have to use the same messaging protocol.

It might be possible to reuse some of the sensors by adding a bridge device. See the following thread:

Thanks… I read the info yet you d have to be very tech oriented to do what they propose. I will try to find a Zwave sensor that will accept wire connections. They must exist in the ST frequency bc I have many here that work in 833 mhz frequency… at least I hope someone sell those…

The Z wave frequency is different in different regions in order to avoid interference with mobile phones and ambulance communication devices, which themselves operate on different frequencies in different regions. In many places it is illegal to operate a zwave device on the frequency of a different region because of this potential interference. So I am not sure whether it will be available or not.

Hi @Cesar_Franco,

I’m the developer of the NodeMCU based solution that @JDRoberts linked above. I’m confident that it will work for you. It’s not z-wave, but it will accomplish what you’re trying to do to reuse all of your magnetic window sensors for low cost.

It’s not nearly as technical as you think. The thread linked above is actually quite old. Since then, we have developed a product and are selling kits that work right out of the box (NO programming necessary!). See my online store here: Hundreds of non-technical customers have successfully used the Konnected system to re-use their wired sensors for SmartThings. It should take you about an hour or two to wire everything up, and we have complete installation and wiring instructions/documentation here:

I hope this helps!

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@heythisisnate, Can this work as a remote arm, disarm, etc, and keep my monitoring service?
I use Alarmgrid… I did the install my self. All of my home security system is Honeywell and my panel is a 21-IP.

No, the Konnected solution is designed to replace your existing alarm panel and just reuse the sensors and siren. It leverages Smart Home Monitor for arming, disarming, and monitoring. Basically the brains of your existing alarm will be replaced by SmartThings/SHM. It’s geared towards people who want to fully automate their security system and monitor it themselves using the ST app and/or SmartThings built in Scout monitoring integration. There’s no direct Integration with your alarm panel.

Thanks for your reply @heythisisnate . Your proposal sounds interesting but I don’t think it would work this time. The wired alarm system I have at home is a mixed system where 4 magnetic sensors are attached via wire to a 866 mhz z-wave sensor and to top it off, the brains of that alarm system is not working. I only have a choice from where I see this and is to find z-wave sensors that will have wire connectors and also work with my new st hub. Any one have any ideas ???

Hi @Cesar_Franco,
Yes, my Konnected solution will work for you. You just attach your magnetic sensor wires to the Konnected device, and Konnected sends the open/close status of your doors and windows to SmartThings. The brains of your system need not be working because SmartThings will now be the brains of the system and you can monitor everything from your phone. Each Konnected board can support up to 6 zones or sensors.

The Konnected device is exactly what you are looking for, except it uses Wifi for communication with the SmartThings hub instead of Z-wave.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at if you have more questions.