Can Piper Work With Smartthings Sensors?

This is my first post to this board and I’m hoping someone can answer some questions for me. I was in Denver, CO on vacation this week and while sightseeing I happened upon an Amazon store in a mall. We don’t have an Amazon store where I’m from, Dallas, do I stopped in.

I found these little sensors, Samsung Smartthings, and after talking with one of the sales clerks at length I bought four (three flood sensors and one door/window sensor) as they’re very inexpensive compared to the sensors that I buy for my home security system, Piper.

I have a Piper Classic and the sensors can be expensive. I was assured that the Smartthings Sensors work on Z-wave and Piper works on Z-wave so they should pair. The clerk I was talking to even said she uses them with a non Samsung system. However I can’t get the sensors to pair with Piper even though I’ve read some users have and was wondering how they did it?

I’ve called both Piper and Smartthings support to no avail. The guy at Piper said they won’t work and the girl at Smartthings had never heard of Piper. I was trying to pair them directly to Piper but is there a trick or do I need a hub or what?

Samsung GP-U9998JVLCAA

The four sensors that I’ve purchased all reference Zigbee but nothing about Z-wave. Are there perhaps two versions, one for each type?


Unfortunately, the store clerk misinformed you. All of the Samsung smartthings branded Sensors are either zigbee or the ones that also have the ADT logo are on a separate proprietary frequency. So far they have not made anything on the Z wave frequency under that brand except the hub itself, which has both a Z wave and a zigbee radio.

There are some Samsung brand zwave Devices on the Korean zwave frequency, but they are only sold in Korea and they wouldn’t work with the Piper either.

So you will just need to return the ones that you bought, they are not going to work with your system. :disappointed_relieved:

( if the store clerk is using them with another hub, it’s a hub that supports zigbee.)

Damn, but I really appreciate it. The sensors used with Piper aren’t exactly cheap - about fifty bucks a sensor - and these were just too good to pass up. When the clerk said they’d work I thought that they were a real find for the price, twenty bucks. But I’ll begin the return process and I really do appreciate the information and quick response…

50 bucks a sensor is a lot. Typically you can find a basic Z wave open/close sensor for around $22 and a basic motion sensor for around $35. But sometimes less on sale.

Try looking for Dome, monoprice ( but make sure it’s the Z wave model, not the Wi-Fi), Ecolink, or zooz. Or GoControl on sale.

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I’ll definitely take your advice. But that’s why I was so excited to scoop these up. I’ve been purchasing Aeotec flood sensors but I’ve had to purchase them from a reseller. When I purchased my first you’re right it was only about $25 dollars, but the most recent one that I purchased was $49/change. But I really appreciate your advice all the same…

I didn’t say anything about the cost of flood sensors. Those are usually more. Try looking for Dome or Ecolink.

Also, if you need a bunch, as it happens as of today homeseer does have a five pack of zwave leak sensors on sale for $110.

Can’t say for sure if they will work with piper, but they might. :sunglasses:

Oh no I didn’t think that you had. I was just saying that they went from inexpensive to expensive on me somewhat quickly.

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