C2c-lock-2 without lock option?

I am trying to create a device profile, which has same exact features as c2c-lock-2 . However, it will not support lock command. I tried following this guide, but failed to do so. My presentation is messed up. Any guidance would be appreciated.

You’ll find an example of a custom lock capability below:

It is also a Cloud-Connected integration, and the configuration used for the capability and the device-config is included.
There’s an easy-to-follow guide to set up the capability in order for you to use it in your device profile.
A couple of notes:

  • The “namespace” is automatically generated for each account so it will change in each case
  • You can generate the device-config through the CLI or Developer Workspace.
    • It’s easier to use the second one because when we create a device profile there, it generates a presentation by default. Its ID has a format similar to ST_xxx-xxx-xx and the manufacturer would correspond to your MNID.
      Note: If you want to change the configuration, you just need to download and upload the new file.
    • You can get also get a template using the ST CLI and modify it as you wish.
  • Remember that every time you update a capability, you must re-create the device-config. If nothing else changed, the file can be the same
    • Using the CLI - You need to run the create command again
    • From the DevWorkspace, you need to “Edit” the device profile and upload the same file in the UI display tab.

The changes can take some time to show, you can force the refresh by:

  • Deleting the SmartThings app cache (only for Android Devices, mobile device > settings > apps > ST app > storage)
  • Deleting the device and adding it again with a different external-device-id

Let me know if you have any questions.