Bulb triggered by phone connecting to WiFi but on a timer?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to trigger a bulb to come on when your phone connects to your home WiFi but is also on a timer so it doesn’t stay on. For example a porch light would come on when arrive home and your phone connects to the WiFi network but only stays on for 5 to 10 minutes. I’m fairly new to home automation. Thanks

WebCore is your friend - this is very simple logic.

Using your phone as a presence device it will be something along the lines of:

IF phone present THEN Turn on light WAIT 20 minutes THEN turn off light.


If you’re willing to use the regular ST geofence presence sensing instead of WiFi, Smart Lighting will work for this (under Smartapps, lighting) - just create a new lighting automation and set a presence trigger. You can set a second automation to turn it off using Power Allowance as the trigger, which actually lets you set a number of minutes, rather than the power usage you might infer from the name.

Thanks for the info. I’ll look into both solutions. With the presence sensor, would I be able to use my phone instead of buying a new sensor?

To answer your question, yes.

To give you better clarification:

Presence Sensor: (Mobile Presence) This is using GPS from your phone tied in with the saved Location / Geofence perimeter in your ST mobile app. ST and GPS has been an issue for a large amount of ST customers. For my environment and only having one phone for presence, this has been accurate and reliable for me and has almost worked flawlessly for 1 1/2 years.

Arrival Sensor (SmartThings): People refer to this as a Presence sensor, but that’s not what it is called. These sensors use the Zigbee protcol so it’s tied directly to ST based on the mesh and strength of your Zigbee setup. The range of this device to be detected is based on the strength of this mesh. For some, it might work from around the corner and others, you might have to be in the driveway. This device checks in every 30 seconds.

So although they are two different technologies being utilized, depending on your use case and reliability as explained above, you can create a Routine, Smart Lighting rule, or Piston (using webCoRE Presence) based on either or both of the conditions above.

For my Departure Routine, for Everyone Leaves, this includes my Phone (GPS) and my Arrival sensor (Zigbee). So both devices need to be recognized as Not Present for that Routine to fire.