Building a Smart things integrated lowering projector (UK)


or this:

then like two of these per pulley:

Get a bracket size that’s suitable for the pulley OD, drill out the existing bracket hole to match your pulley ID, then away you go…

You do want to be mindfull of the bearing OD, there are recommendations for minimum bend radius for aircraft cable, so the cheep 13mm OD bearings are IMHO too small for 3/16 cable…
You’re not dealing with a ton of weight here, and the way you have it setup, if you do loose the cable, the drawer slide (should) keep this thing from falling out of the ceiling…


I’ve tried to recreate your projector lift and am having real troubles. Would be really grateful if you could get in touch if you see this!



which part are you struggling with?

The motor I was using to raise the lift was struggling. I sent it back to the company that made it, they tested it and said that whilst the dead weight I was
lifting was well within range, the actual forces were probably much higher due to friction on the cord as my cord was running through eyebolts and had 90 degree turns in it.

I am going to try to rebuild the cord routing to replace as many of the eyebolts as possible with pulleys to reduce the friction but am not sure about whether
there is better cord to use.

What did you use for yours?

Here is link to a folder that has some pics and vids of what I am trying to get working.!AvAN1UYuwPlXgZccfvBpgp0Ck2DLSw

Any thoughts gratefully received.


if im honest i had the same problem, the eyebolts were no good for running the cord, and the cable tended to stretch too much, i did in fact give up on my project as i didnt have the time to fix everything, i think a different approach might be required. but i never got around to designing one.

would be great to see what you do come up with

Thanks anyway! I’ll let you know how I get on once I change over to pulley wheels to reduce friction.