Building a 5v Bus repeater network with Tuya ZigBee USB Range Extender (Tuya SKU: "RP280" / ZigBee ID: "TS0207")

Does anyone have any experience of using the Tuya RP280 USB Range extender as a repeater? I am trying to find small enough repeaters to install behind sockets and light fittings to extend my network. Most existing recommended devices are either ZigBee plugs Tradri etc or bulbs like Osram. I don’t have many locations for screw in bulbs as most of my lighting is ceiling LED downlights like Aurora and I prefer not to have large plugs taking up socket space.
As I have a single storey bungalow with accessible loft space I was hoping to run a two wire “5v Bus” supplied by a suitable 5v DC source onto which were connected USB A sockets which would accept the Tuya RP280s. For locations where I cannot use the loft I can use a 240vAC to 5v DC buck convertor (like HLK-PM01) behind a 13 amp socket or light switch. This seems simplistic and probably wont work as I have not considered other issues or limitations. On another forum there was some discussion about them possibly causing network stability issues. Also there is some suggestion it black holes non Tuya device traffic whatever that means in practice.
Any thoughts or observations on this idea?

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