Brilliant Home Control and Lifx

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I’m looking to purchase a couple of the Brilliant light switches. I want to see if any of you have the Brilliant switch and are using Lifx bulbs with them? I use SmartThings and a Zwave 4 button switch to control my 4 Lifx bulbs. I cant seem to get an answer from Brilliant on how the Lifx bulbs with work on the sliders.

I dont believe you can use smart bulbs with a smart switch. I’m not sure if brilliant is the same concept or not. I believe @JDRoberts can definitely give you a correct answer.

You should not use smart bulbs with a functional mechanical switch in order for the bulb to remain powered. (It’s ok to have a switch in the circuit, just leave it on.) Following on this, if you want to use a smart switch that is also a mechanical switch then you should configure the switch without connecting the lights as a load. I don’t know if the Brilliant is capable of this.

The Brilliant switches are a configurable smart switch. The company says i can control my Lifx bulbs through the SmartThings connection. Im just seeing if anyone has these Switches yet and are using it with Lifx bulbs.


I got that. My point was that the LIFX bulbs that you control should not be on the load leg of the switch.

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Yes, I totally understand that. The switch i have now goes on top of the standard on/off switch. I leave it always on. I understand the wiring aspect but more importantly want to know how to get the Brilliant to control my Lifx lights. If i can find a battery powered zwave dimmer that could work with my Lifx through SmartThings, I shoud be set. I cant seem to find a solution for that yet.

I have three Brilliants. As long as ST sees the bulbs, you will be able to control the Brilliants with them. The sliders can be set to control any lights you have in ST. You wont connect the load to the switch itself. Think of it as a scene controller.

OK cool. Do you use Lifx bulbs with the Brilliants? Im also wondering how to group all four of my Lifx lights on one slider?


There is an existing active thread for using brilliant control with smartthings. I suggest you talk to the people there. There seems to be a lot of concern about how it works with a group of bulbs.

I already answered you on that in your other thread.

Dimmer Switch For Lifx bulbs?

Thank you!

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