Break beam sensor? (UK)

Is there a break beam sensor that i can use outside (UK) to trigger either SHM or Arlo cameras to record , the Arlo delay is really frustrating , most recordings capture nothing or the back of peoples heads leaving my property

I’ve had a pair of cheap Chinese break beam sensors running outside for almost a year.
I connected them to a Fibaro door contact to bring them into ST.

I use them for an announcement ‘there is someone near the front door’

Ebay… about £6 - you just need to wait a couple of weeks for them to arrive



Cheers I’ll have a gander

Im pretty sure that these are the ones that I bought:

They look the same - even cheaper now!

I have them about 2m apart in front of my door
I just power them from a cheap 12v plugin power supply.


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Wouldn’t mind something like this myself.
Do they both require power or just the one?
So I’m guessing each will have 2 wires coming from it , one to the power and one data to the sensor you use?

One just has two cable power
The other requires 4 cables - 2 for power 2 for the switch which is normally closed.


Thanks Andy I’ll have a look at them :grin:

This is somehting I am looking at - not sure if it is available in the UK though

Whoa … 6 cables … :astonished:

That’s if you buy individual cables lol
Just buy 2 core cable which is quite thin for 12v
So one has just one cable the other has 2 that you can tape together :slight_smile:

I used Telephone cable…
Only about 5mm thick and has enough cores (there is very little current to worry about)


I have used the Dakota beam sensors and they work very well hooked into ST through contact sensors hooked into the main unit

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I haven’t used it yet its on my to do list once it gets warm enough here for outdoor projects … :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: