Both garage doors opened in the middle of the night - Zooz Zen16 multirelay

About 7 months ago I installed the Zooz Zen16 multirelay to control my two garage door openers. It’s been working great until last night when both garage doors opened at 3am while everyone in the house was asleep. Fortunately I have a camera so I was able to confirm nobody got into my garage (or was anywhere near it). My next thought was whether there was some sort of wiring short, or if there was an actual command sent to the multirelay. This multirelay has 3 relays and I’m only using two of them. It has 3 child devices:

  • [Zooz MultiRelay-Relay 1]
  • [Zooz MultiRelay-Relay 2]
  • [Zooz MultiRelay-Relay 3]

When I look at the events under each one, I see relay 1 and relay 2 both were sent a value of “on” 3:10:04AM. Relay 3 shows no activity.

Relay 1 and 2 are used by the Zooz Garage Door Opener SmartApp.

I have no automations that affect the garage doors.

Is there any other investigation I should do to see why this command was issued? Could something have gone screwy with the smartApp? What else should I look out for? I don’t have any open ports on my router. If someone even got onto my network (or logged onto my wifi network) wouldn’t they still need to log into my Samsung account to trigger the command?

I’m at a loss for anything that can explain this.

If you have linked ST to Alexa then look there first. She has form for suggesting she create routines you really don’t want when you aren’t really paying attention.

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Do you have a control panel running Actiontiles or something similar?

I had a similar problem, which turned out to be “phantom” touches on the tablet screen (Amazon Fire). I moved the buttons around on the screen and proved that it was whatever button was in that area of the screen that was activated.

Weird, but true.


My inlaws had this issue as well after power outages or power blips. Reached out to Zooz support and received this note “As the default setting, the relay will remember the states before the power failure and then return to these states after the power is restored. However, you can adjust this settings so that the relays are all forced to OFF or On depending on your preference. You can find these settings in the app under settings” I dont think my inlaws have gotten a chance to test it but something to test.

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These suggestions are great.

I have both Alexa and Actiontiles (and in fact 2 iPads displaying the Actiontiles screen 24/7). I just reviewed my Alexa routines and there is nothing there that involves the garage doors. I do recall I had to delete out some routines I didn’t create, but I did that a long time ago. The Actiontiles theory is one I hadn’t considered. I have both garage door tiles next to each other, so perhaps a phantom press hit them both.

For the power blip, I had ruled that out already because I wouldn’t expect an event to show up in Smartthings when the relays reset after the power restores. However, even if that doesn’t explain this event I wanted to make sure to eliminate that failure mode for the future. So I just went and pulled the power cord for the relay and plugged it back in. Both garage doors opened, and lo and behold the commands also showed up in the Smartthings events (for relays 1 & 2, and nothing for #3). So this seems to perfectly replicate what happened.

I’ll do some digging to configure the relay to operate properly on a power reset.

As for Actiontiles, I’ll have to think about what I want to do there. I think the power blip is more likely than the phantom press, but now I’m more weary now of having those buttons on my display. I may protect them with a PIN code.

Thank you all for the advice, I thought this was going to be a long shot but this feedback has been way more helpful than I expected.

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Just as a follow-up for anyone else who has this Zen16 multirelay: the parameter #1 “on/off status after power failure” settings on my relay were set to the default, which is value #1 “all relays remember and restore on/off status after power failure”

When I set up this relay I remember thinking that this setting was fine for my needs, but I never tested it. Unfortunately it appears that, upon power restoration, the contacts momentarily close before reverting to their previous state.

I changed the parameter to value #0 “all relays forced to OFF regardless of state prior to power outage”

The unit now behaves properly when power is restored.

Manual link is here for reference; settings are on page 2