Anyway to disable relay during certain hours (Garage door) Duplicate

(Bill) #1

Howdy folks…

Have a new and strange question. So, I’m about 2 weeks into the smartthings stuff, and so far so good…except this AM. I bought a LFM-20 and hooked it into my garage door. Everything has been working just fine, I’ve got a sensor on the garage door, and can control it with the smartphone app. I’ve also got it setup to alert me if the garage door has been open longer than 10 minutes anytime between the hours of 10pm and 7am.

This AM, I woke up to a text message from smartthings saying my garage had been open for longer than 10 minutes at 3:46 AM. It apparently opened at 3:36 this morning. I’m a little goosey right now as my explorer was stolen out of my driveway a few months ago, so needless to say we’re wanting MORE security not just something randomly opening.

I received no indication as to why it opened, I have it set to when I come home to open, but that was not the case as it would have said “garage has opened due to the arrival of Bill.”

So…is there any of you guys smart enough out there to somehow write something to disable the LFM-20 Relay between certain hours???

(Tim Slagle) #2

Hmmmm, can you look up device events in the IDE and see why it opened? I’d like to know what caused it first. We might not be able to prevent this with an app. What i did was hooked up a dual GE in wall outlet and i can turn on and off the outlet when im away. That way there is not power to the garage while i am away…

Would that work?

(Bill) #3

Here’s the best I can tell when I looked it up, let me know if this makes any sense. The time doesn’t match the time that I’ve got on my app, but pretty sure this is right. I’m still new on this, so I can’t figure out what would have triggered it from the info below, maybe you guys can.

Regarding your second thought…that seems like it would certainly make sense. Let me know if you need me to pull more info on this.

Garage Door Switch switch is on
Name Value
date 2014-08-25T08:36:24.944Z
description Garage Door Switch switch is on
deviceId 8e86cbfe-16aa-4dbe-af90-7ce8ca84cd2f
deviceTypeId 8a3e510a3d460f4f013d460fe4c90004
displayed true
eventSource DEVICE
hubId b40c9697-e779-4001-8bbf-32eaf975142b
id afeb7739-1dc0-4cb6-94a7-877cdbe7387c
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText Garage Door Switch
locationId bf488dbe-afb0-4952-8820-66948862d3bf
name switch
rawDescription zw device: 03, command: 2003, payload: FF
unixTime 1408955784944
value on
viewed false

(Tim Slagle) #4

Looks like it received the command from the Hub. This could of been delayed, were you doing some testing before earlier in the night?

(Bill) #5

Not that I know of…I installed a 3 way light switch, but don’t think that has any tie into the garage relay. Is there any way to get any more details or should I just go with the method you mentioned above? i just ordered a few of the plugs where one is controlled via z-wave. Would you have the garage door powered to that one or the relay powered to it? (I ran them sep.)

(Tim Slagle) #6

I power the garage. I have it setup so when I come home it turns power onto the garage, asleep it is powered off etc… makes me girlfriend much more comfortable.

Go to My Devices>CLick on your garage device>list events.

What shows there for around that time?

The log will show in Greenwich Mean Time so you may have to calculate what that time would of been in GMT.

(Bill) #7

I just looked and the log I posted for you was the actual time that my sensor picked it up as being opened after converting the time. That is really odd. I like your idea though of the garage power setup. suppose you could always toss a motion sensor on the inside of the garage so whenever you walk into the garage it will trigger the power to the garage.

(Tim Slagle) #8

I use a door sensor on the garage door leading to the garage. Same effect :smile:

ALl in all i think this is an isolated event, but… i am of the better safe than sorry camp.

Thats why i have a double protection on mine :smile:

(Chrisb) #9

Check events on your presence sensor… just to make sure you didn’t have a quick leave-arrive event.

(DanG) #10

You are not the only one experiencing this problem. This morning my garage door opened by itself. This isn’t the first time it happened. A few months ago it was randomly opening at different times and did this for about a week and then it stopped, that is until today. Support has been notified so hopefully they will find out what the problem is.

(Bill) #11

Thanks Chris…I checked and no dice on it, it was next to me and didn’t show anything.

Thanks an369511, hopefully I’m not going nuts. I’ve unplugged the relay for now.

(Jfgosselin) #12

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one. I had the same issue twice with a similar setup.

  • Ecolink Tilt Sensor
  • SmartApp to close the door after 5 minutes

The first time after checking the log with SmartThings support, they told me that the command came from the device itself.
Their first guess was that either a button was pushed on the relay (unlikely, the relay is fixed on the ceiling) or maybe the wiring isn’t quite right (triple checked, everything is right).

The second time, after checking the log, it was the Ecolink sensor that wrongly reported an “open” status. As a result the SmartApp sent a signal to close the door after 5 minutes … but it was already closed. Unfortunately the relay doesn’t see the difference.

I’ve also unplugged the relay for now …

What’s next ? Replaced the LFM-20 with something else (suggestions ?) and add another contact sensor (e.g. Everspring door sensor) to trigger the SmartApp only when both sensors report an “open” status. Overkill but I’m a bit paranoid …

(DanG) #13

It may not be your Ecolink sensor. My garage setup has no actions (commands) to actuate the door and yet it activates by itself. Looking at the log it indicates that it activated by a physical action hence support’s claim someone pushed the button. This is not possible as the switch is mounted in the ceiling. The only commonality seems to be LFM-20 switch itself.

(Tim Slagle) #14

Make sure there ins’t a short somewhere. I had one and this was happening alllll the time. fixed the short and my problems basically went away. Use the jasco switch as a backup

(DanG) #15

Can you provide any detail on where the short is/was located inside your device? I know my way around electronics but it would be helpful to know where your problem was so I can double check the area. Thanks