ZEN16 Relay Not Working Reliably for GDO

I recently purchased the Zen16 relay in order to control my GDO. I did the “hack” of wiring directly to a spare remote I have. I have GD1 hooked up to R1 and GD2 hooked up to R2. So the issue I am having is sporadic / inconsistency in operation when I press the button within ST. The gist is GD1 operation works about 50 to 60 percent of the time and GD2 works about 80 to 90 percent of the time…weird I know. They both are set up as garage door under ST settings. I have even tried to move GD1 to R3 to see if that relay input would work any better but still the same type of inconsistency.

I know its not my wiring on the remote because I can disconnect the wires from the relay and tap them together and the door opens/closes 100% of the time. I recently read a separate thread and saw where someone mentioned to change the ST setting to momentary for lights and change auto off to 3 seconds. I tried that today and same performance. I’m kinda lost at this point as I was under the impression with everything I read online this would be a rock solid solution. Is it possible I have a bad relay or something?

I have also reached out to Zooz customer service / technical support and they initially advised that most likely the problem for the inconsistency / reliability factor is because I am using a charger with the usb c cable instead of an “adapter”. They went on to explain that those two products perform differently due to load of the device etc. So I went ahead and scrapped using the usb c charger and found an older 12volt wall charger that I had in a box and hard wired it to the relay. At first it acted like it was improving but now we’re back to the same ole inconsistency deal.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Its looking like I will be sending back the zooz product and will continue my search with something else if I can’t get it to work
consistently. Thanks all!

How’s your Internet connection? Using the ST App relies on the cloud connection, so YMMV.

One experiment that may help you diagnose the issue: temporarily set up a Routine that senses another, local device–maybe a light switch. Have the Routine activate the GDO relay when the switch toggles. This may (or may not!) help, if it’s reliability turns out to be significantly better than using the App. Make sure the Routine shows the little icon indicating local operation!

Again, YMMV, so this is just a thought… :thinking:

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I’m of no help other than to say that mine actually is a “rock solid solution” and you will love it once you find the cause of your issue. Good luck.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond…internet connection is good. Never have any issues with any other device which is why I am at a loss on what the deal is. Good suggestion on setting up a routine…may have to come back to that later because as of now the relay / ST functionality is not working at ALL!

I’m attempting to get back in touch with Zooz customer service but that is proving difficult as well…smh

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Glad to hear it is working out for you. Do you have the relay connected directly to the opener or wall switch or did you go the spare remote route?

I made the exact same setup with the Zen 17. Didn’t work all the timw when plugged in with a power adapter. When I switched from a power adapter to a usb power source I had perfect operation. 1amp usb adapter

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how far away is the relay and remote from the opener. I found mine was very picky and wanted to be very close to the motor.

Once I found the optimal placement, I have 100% success with both my openers.

Yes direct to remote using this remote. https://www.garadget.com/product/security-2-0-wireless-3-door-dry-contact-adapter/

Having said that, my relay is on a 5w Apple USB cube. It’s a ways away from my hub and inside of a cable Managment box with a metal door. The enclosure is near the garage.

Guesstimate about 20-30 feet…

Is it in another room? If so what is the material separating the two?

In my case, I attempted to place my relay in the basement directly on the other side of the garage wall and it was too far. That distance was about 25 ft.

I was able to move it to the top of the wall in the basement which was effectively the bottom of the garage wall and also eliminated the the concrete that was in the way and that worked perfectly for me.

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Interesting thought…but wouldn’t signal / distance be the same when tapping the wire ends together. That’s all the relay is doing is making contact between the two wires correct?

Yes, but all the relay is doing is effectively pushing the button. From there the remote is sending a radio signal to the motor to operate the door. If you are having intermittent success and failures, then the issue isn’t the relay, it is the radio signal making it from the remote to the motor.

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I had a Zen16 and relay 2 failed. I sent it back and went with a Zen17. I added the seperate dry contact sensors to detect open/closed. It has been working perfectly and opens instantly upon pressing the device button on my phone. (either SmartThings or SharpTools). Have you tried setting up the remote button as in the instructions provided by Zooz? That would eliminate the “wireless signal” from the button to the opener. I’ve seen hook ups like yours but usually they also run a pair of wires to the opener.

Here is the “OFFICIAL” instructions if this helps.

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All tapping the wires together is doing is effectively pushing the button. So if it works 100% of the time when I tap the wires together than it certainly is the relay. I’ve also proved that this so called “hack” is working like it should due to buying another cheapo zigbee relay from amazon and hooked it up. It is working reliably so I will be RMA’g the Zooz relay back.

I have not attempted to hook up the relay as “intended” by the Zooz instructions mainly because I didn’t want to run wire from one opener to the other since I have two. I figured by following the remote “hack” I could have my cake and eat it to. No climbing on ladder no messing with opener or wall remotes to fry any electronics.

The relay is definitely acting wonky. I have deleted it from ST and factory reset the device. Every time I add it back now to ST it takes a long time and it will not go through the “secure setup” per the directions…it fails every time.

Are you referring to the “cheapo Zigbee relay” mentioned above, or the Zooz ZEN16? In either case, you may want to try pairing it with the hub in closer proximity to be sure of a good connection when doing the handshaking necessary for device inclusion. Just a thought…

Just a thought… Did you install the Zooz driver? (Zooz Multichannel Switch) needed for garage door operation.

No I was talking about the Zen16 acting wonky. The cheapo zigbee relay I picked up over the weekend from Amazon paired in seconds and was configured rather quickly. It has been rock solid up to this point…

I am most likely going to keep it for $16 bucks…

Yep…that was the first thing I did. I followed the directions from Zooz which stated to download the specific edge driver for a variety of models. Then I added to ST and it added easy and fast when I first got it.

I did receive an email back from Zooz support yesterday:

“The issues indicated are related to the SmartThings transition to the lua Edge platform; the error message you’re receiving has to do with aggressive caching on the ST app that’s been reported to us by our driver developer as well as a mix of Z-Wave maintenance issues on the platform. I hope we’ll be able to help their team address some of these quickly so we can reduce the amount of issues users are experiencing .We have reached out and are actively working with the SmartThings team to resolve the issue, as it is limited to SmartThings and the issue is sporadic.”

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