Bluetooth Buttons and iOS Apps

This question is somewhat outside the SmartThings context.
But, I’m hoping there are developers out there that are familiar with the iOS programming environment (SWFT, etc).

I am looking for a Bluetooth Button (eg, the Satechi media button or something similar) that can be seen by a custom iOS app, which would interpret its button presses as input (and then perform whatever actions the iOS app dictates).

I suspect this is possible, but I dont know which Frameworks/iOS libraries would support this functionality, and which Bluetooth Buttons (eg, does it matter which Bluetooth Profile they support) would be compatible (as I would be using button presses for a different purpose – generic “input” to my app – than they were designed for).

Appreciate any thoughts on whether this is possible, and how best to accomplish it.

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As far as the programming, just ask on one of the Apple dev boards, somebody will be able to help you.

In the smartthings context, there are several of these that have an IFTTT channel, And then you can use that for smartthings integration. In the past, people have done this with flic buttons. (You do need either the flic hub or an iOS device at home to receive the transmission.) Nodon is a similar device which is popular in Europe.

Logitech Pop buttons also have an official smartthings integration which works fine. Again, you need their bridge.

from left to right: Smartthings motion sensor, logitech pop button, flic button. This picture is from my house and I have used all three with smartthings.

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Flic buttons work quite well with IOS and even MacOS.

The Flic app can be setup to handle multiple actions on your IOS device FWIW.

And in case anyone reads this any wonders “can I make SmartThings works with this”, the only way I found to make it work is via IFTTT.

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