Blue iris .. where do I start?

So I have blue Iris v5 and want to buy the samsung hub and a motion sensor but I’m kinda scared that I may be wasting my money, so I have some questions:

#1; how reliable will the alerts be to my android phone? will it be fast and always reliable?

#2; does the hub have to be open to the internet? like opening port forwarding on my router?

I need somthing stable to send me push notifications through blue iris … but I don’t know where to start …

I’m looking for some easy to follow instructions … someone that knows what they’re doing and don’t mind helping me out:)

Hi! I currently have a hub, and a motion sensor, and it’s pretty accurate, it alerts me on my phone instantly when motion is sensed. You can configure all your sensors in the SmartThings Monitor and Arm/Disarm the alarm from your phone easily.
I haven’t worked with iris, so up to there it goes my knowledge.
I hope this helps!

This is a good place to start, I just updated from BI V4 to V5 . Works well and I like the fact that you can use the cameras as motion sensors for ST.

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I have my BI integrated with ST so that I can trigger other actions (eg, turn on lights when cameras sense motion). But if all you want is BI push notifications, you can get that by installing the BI mobile app. As far as I know, no need for ST if that’s your only objective.

Hey, do you have a preferred guide to setup blue iris alerts/or triggers to activate lights? I Just got all my light switches installed and would like to start doing that. Lets me know if you have any tips! Thanks!