Blue Iris alternative for Mac

I am trying to integrate my EZViz Mini camera to SmartThings. I guess I need a program like Blue Iris. But I am on a Mac. Is there an alternative for Mac?

Robin, I know where you are coming from, but running virtual Windows or another emulation software is not allowed here. I am not allowed to say why, but it is a NO, NO!

It is the nature of the organization. Nothing here runs Windows or Android. I can’t even have a carry around with either. At home I am allowed android operated embedded systems, but no Android or Windows phone. I can run Raspberry such as Noobs etc. I wanted to put Android on my Raspberry, but the committee shot that down. By the way not cloak and dagger, just security.


Yes, security spy.

I’ve been using it for over a year. Works great! Pro version is 100% worth it.


Nice App, but it doesn’t find hidden cameras. You need the IP address, it won’t find my EZViz cameras. Or I am doing something wrong?

it’s has discovery for networked IP cams. But your IP address shouldn’t be too hard to find. You can login to your router and it’ll list them. The IP cameras security spy finds are in the dropdown menu of settings after “add a camera”

Also, Ben the dev has a simple network discovery app you can use.


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Tried it, for some reason even knowing the IP of the EZviz Mini it will not show. I guess EZviz has some way to prevent this.

you can find out by typing the IP address of the camera into a web browser.

this discussion may help:

Matt I tried that, and the browser says Connection was reset. I know the IP is correct as it was given to me a few minutes ago by EZviz support. They took it right from my network.

The article is helpful, if I can use RTSP. If you look at the third post from the top, you can see why. I guess I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This one? This post:

"Perhaps try running a virtual windows environment on your Mac and installing BI there… you could then toggle between Mac and Windows without rebooting.

Robin, I know where you are coming from, but running virtual Windows or another emulation software is not allowed here. I am not allowed to say why, but it is a NO, NO!"

RTSP is just a streaming protocol. It’s supported by native mac programs like quicktime, security spy, etc.

If the EZviz company really did lock out users that aren’t going through their app to view the cameras, it’ll be harder to view the stream outside the app, but still possible. Maybe a packet sniffer or something? I don’t think it’ll be that extreme though.

I read that EZviz is really just Hikvision . That may help on your journey.

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NO. This is it.

@joelw135, in the phone app for ezviz you have to “disable security”. You have to do this anyways to use them with an Echo Show also. But by doing this then the camera will respond to a ping and open the local ports 80 and 8000 on the local network. Then ispy and other software like BlueIris will find them.

BlueIris works very well but is Windows. I use Xeoma which frankly is awesome. I have my Ezviz husky outdoor cameras setup and my amcrest camera setup with it. Using xeoma to do all the motion detection and recording… and it’s all running on one of my raspberry pi boxes :smile:

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I installed it and it is looking for my cameras, as I write this. In my EViz app the only security setting is the Fingerprint toggle. Unless I am missing it. Tell me where to look. Thanks for the help.

UPDATE: Found only the D-link camera, not my EZviz. I can’t figure this out. I admit I got to be doing something wrong. And then the D-Link was gone. I am at a loss.


This is what works for me. I have Ezviz Husky cameras and I use the Android app.

  • In Ezviz app go into camera settings.
    ** each camera has to be done individually
  • Turn off “Image Encryption”

If using Xeoma I don’t let it do it’s full search. I think it takes too long. Do a search based on IP

  • Enter admin username (generically admin)
  • Enter password (unless changed it’s the password on the sticker on the camera)
  • Enter IP address of the camera (get it from your router if you don’t know it) Now is a good time to setup a DHCP reservation to keep the IP static. Another way to get the IP is in the main settings from home selecting “more” then “function settings” there is a “LAN live view”. That will list the cameras and their IP’s and also validates they are now open on the LAN.
  • Port should be 80

Let Xeoma run, this takes about 5 minutes sometimes less depending on how many cameras you are discovering and their options.

I have all the info, for all my cameras, I even changed them to make sure they are correct, but the app will not load them. it says “Waiting for image from camera”

Then it found the camera and it trying to work out the viewing options. I noticed on one of my cameras it takes a while to “get” the image, then you may have to mess with it a bit. Also one of my cameras will go in/out like that fairly often, which I’m suspecting is a Wifi connection issue. Which is why I’m playing to run ethernet and do PoE with my outdoor cameras.

Still only camera that shows is my web camera on my iMac.